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How to Plan the Perfect Shower

In new home designs, tiled showers are extremely popular. Unlike traditional fiberglass showers, a tiled shower gives you the opportunity to customize to your heart’s content. However, that customization comes with a couple of caveats. With all the design choices to make, it’s easy to build a shower that seems perfect during the design phase, but turns out less than ideal once completed. To help you avoid some of these pitfalls, here are some tips for planning and building the perfect shower.

How Do Builder Allowances Work?

Builders Allowances are one of the more confusing parts of the construction contract. Some industry experts will advise you to avoid the use of allowances at all costs and others paint a rosy picture in which you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of your new home.

Smart Windows

You’ve probably heard about refrigerators that warn you when the milk is getting low or kitchen tables that double as stovetops. But there are a few innovations that aren’t getting quite as much attention, even though they could seriously impact the way we design, build and live in our homes.

Smart windows are one of those innovations. It’s a technology that is currently being used in high-end commercial structures, but one day soon, it might make the leap over to residential buildings.

What Design Elements Make a Small House Plan Feel Big?

Several factors contribute to the popularity of small house plans in the U.S. For context, let’s remember that today’s average home is still much larger than the typical American home in the 1970s. Indeed, in 2010 the average new home was 44 percent larger than the average home in 1973. Still, heating costs, environmental concern, limited access to credit and shifting lifestyles are pushing many buyers to seek smaller home plans.

How to Choose the Perfect Windows

Windows let the light in, but they can also let your neighbors get a great view of your home’s interior. For secluded areas or areas with a gorgeous view, large, unobstructed windows are a wonderful option.

Choosing the right elements for your mud room

In older homes, the entry from the garage often opened into a hallway or directly into the kitchen or living area. Dirt was easy to track inside, and keeping entrances clear of dirt and wet raincoats was difficult. Those few homes that did feature mud rooms only had small spaces with a couple of hooks for coats and not much else.

Modern mud rooms, however, are so much more practical. In fact, a well-designed mud room is often one of the most useful rooms in a home.

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